Soldiers who were wounded at the front in the war with Anglophone separatists and hospitalised in Douala Military Hospital have complained that allowances intended to compensate them for their injuries have been embezzled by their superiors.

The soldiers complained when Defence Minister, Joseph Beti Assomo, visited them in Douala on his way to the Southwest Region where there has been a resurgence of hostilities recently.

The minister had been instructed to go to the Southwest Region and concert with the military high command with a view to strategising on how to effectively confront the exigencies of the current military situation.

Addressing the soldiers, he assured them that everything would be done to ensure that they received what was due them.

The minister’s other mission was to morally rearm the soldiers deployed at the war front against the Anglophone separatists.

He declared: “I want to reassure them of what we have taken into account, namely the claims indicated by some of them in connection with the allowances which they have no longer been receiving since they were evacuated from the front and hospitalised here.

“I have the list of those involved in detail. They are very precise cases with the length of time and the units to which they are attached.

“This list would be presented through the appropriate means to the commander of the second inter-army military region so that he would proceed with the necessary verifications.

“It would be to answer the question of knowing if wounded personnel no longer merits being paid allowances. And if he is eligible, what has happened with the allowances sent by the hierarchy which were not paid to them?  This is because we have not received any unpaid allowances. That means that the allowances exist and that they are somewhere.

“The commander of the second military region would look into the matter, and bring some light to everything and ensure an appropriate follow up of these claims. Surely if the claims are founded, something would be done.”