“We are really living hell here in Ndop. The SDO Kongeh, The DO central Ntinwat Valentine, and the Mayor, Ntoh Daniel are acting more like gangsters. I think the world should know our situation here in Ndop. Children are harassed and forced to school on daily basis. Carried in military Vans.”

Victims have cried out for help as the situation in Ngoketundjia division, the northwest region gets worst.

According to sources who spoke to CNA on anonymity, the people in a neighbourhood called Mbeukong got up Wednesday, October 21, 2020, on a run. The place was flooded by the military who allegedly forced people to a junction as early as 5:00 am. They were only vacated at 10:00 am.

“People who were going for fishing were intercepted. Those who were going to the farm were also brought to the said Mbeukong junction. While this was going on, the Mayor went into the Presbyterian Church premises where children were gathered for school this morning and forced them to go to the nearby government school. Mayor Ntoh Daniel alias Takala insulted the Pastor present and told him that if the government school doesn’t start effectively no other schools will start in Ndop.” a witness said.

This situation is worsening after serious gunshots Tuesday night. The Ambazonia Separatist fighters on their part kidnapped five teachers from a learning centre in Bamali , Ndop central subdivision.

Another witness narrates how Soldiers now force children to go to school, pick them up in their military vehicles, and take down all the names of the parents.

On Thursday, October 22, a resident wrote to CNA, “They now break into people’s houses every day and force parents to give them their children and even beat those who resist providing their children, they carry them on amour cars and take them to school after they have rung school bells and ask them to stay they until later in the day. They now take down their names and family names. They warn them that any day they ring the bells and the children are nowhere to be found, they will visit them and kill their fathers and then take their mothers to prison. They also say they will burn down their houses if they come searching for them and not find them.”

Sources also added that the children confessed that only the military presence in the schools makes them fear a lot. “They don’t teach us, they give us food and buy us sugar balls. Most of them (military) bring palm wine to schools and drink as they ‘guide’ us. They tell us not to cry or look pressured, that we will not be there for long and that we should smile and raise up our books each time we are taking photos with them. The only thing that we do there is taking photos and eating. Sometimes we are allowed to sleep if we feel as to sleep.”