After the military reportedly opened fire at four children in Mavass village, Akwaya Subdivision, Bruce and Genesis are two of the victims still hospitalized at a medical facility in Benue State, Nigeria.

One of the injured boys, a family relation says, is finding it difficult to breathe following injuries from a bullet he received on his left shoulder.

The two hospitalized teenagers are of the same parents and had been attending school at Utanga in neighboring Nigeria.

Four of them had been shot, reportedly by military officers, while on their way to their Mavass village in Akwaya, where they went to collect some food to sustain themselves during their education at Utanga in Nigeria.

These children are among the thousands of English-speaking children in Cameroon who are struggling to acquire education.

At least 600,000 children were knocked out of school by 2018 after violence broke out in the two English-speaking regions in 2016, reports UNICEF.