Custodians of the tradition in the west region of Cameroon have published another declaration in which they do not recognise that published on November 19, by the council of traditional rulers.

In the declaration signed by 70 traditional rulers, on Friday, December 4, 2020, at the conference hall of CAPLAMI in Bafoussam, the traditional rulers abide with the strategy used by the government of Cameroon to resolve the socio-political tensions in the country especially in the restive English speaking regions of Cameroon.

In the first declaration, the council of fons proposed reasonable solutions to end the 4-year crisis in the English Speaking regions and also proposed solutions to end the sanitary, economic, and political crisis in the country.

The second declaration simply contradicts the first, affirming they are comfortable with the way the government of Cameroon is handling the 4 year Anglophone crisis. They also laud the government’s policy in the handling of the socio-political crisis reaffirming their “Full support the Head of State and to republican institutions for his relentless efforts to render Cameroon a peaceful, stable, united and prosperous country “ Who might have made some traditional figures to make a contrary view on that made on November 19? Observers hold that an invisible hand of a government official is inside the turn-around.