A teacher in Cameroon’s North West region writes to the Yaounde government

I am a teacher teaching in the North West region of Cameroon. I am very angry with the way the government is handling the crisis in the North West and southwest regions.

The SDOs and DOs are forcing us to resume school in our respective areas of duty without thinking of our lives. Does it mean teachers’ lives do not matter?

The government must ensure our lives to our various families.


Just last Tuesday, a colleague was kidnapped in Bambui and the government did nothing about it.

My proposal is since we are risking our lives in other to go to where separatist fighters are, in case anything happens to us, the government should pay our families.

I am saying this because of the authorities that the SDO and DO have bodyguards while we are left without any.

We have equally seen teachers being killed but what happened the next day? They are being replaced by others.

So, the government should ensure the lives of teachers in these two regions.