At least six persons including soldiers are reported to have been killed and several others injured following an attack in Matazem near Santa of the North West region.

The Defense and Security forces are said to have been taken unaware by a group of Separatist fighters Friday morning.

The armed men reportedly attacked the soldiers at a checkpoint in Matazem, getaway into the North West region.

The attack by the Separatist is said to have left a minimum of at least 6 persons dead including three Military officers, one police officer, and two civilians.

The attack at Matazem has caused most of the inhabitants of the village to take to the bushes as the fear of the unknown still looms across the area.

Dozens of individuals who were onboard vehicles heading to Bamenda have equally been left stranded at Matazem.

Many passengers in the midst of the cross fire came out of the buses and tried to flee to the bushes for safety.

This made some of them to get caught in the crossfire.

The separatist fighters fled the scene immediately they had caused the havoc.