His Majesty Ngally Maxime Tresor says he does not believe in the results of the just-ended Regional Election, in the Ocean Division, South region.

This, he says, is as a result of irregularities witnessed in the process.

In the Ocean division, there were three competing lists of traditional leaders.

The first list is said to have had 79 votes (35.90%), the second 72 votes (32.72%), and the third with 69 votes (31.36).

The first list was proclaimed winner, to the dissatisfaction of Chief Ngally Maxime Trésor, leader of the third list who said the decision was faulty as compared to that of the Centre Region.

“Reading the results of the Regional Election of the Centre Region, you will agree with me that the chairman of the South Regional Commission did not apply the law. You will read that we are talking about the relative majority. So the proportional distribution should be applied,” he says.

The CPDM party and election officials are yet to comment on the issue.

Mimi Mefo Info