Several persons are being detained in Kumba, a Cameroonian town in the conflict-hit English-speaking South West Region.

They were arrested this morning as soldiers raided a quarter close to CCAS Kumba, a prominent school in the city.

Sources on the ground say the combat-ready soldiers broke into some homes as they coordinated the arrests.

“The arrests started at 4:00 a.m. They came with an armored car and are still here parading the quarter,” a local confirmed to MMI moments ago.

The cause of the soldiers’ actions remains unknown. However, such raids and arbitrary arrests are however not new and have been the order of the day in the country’s North West and South West regions for the past four years.

Even student residential areas have not been spared; the police, gendarmes, and soldiers often carry out indiscriminate arrests before compelling students to pay for their freedom.

Several efforts to get the government and separatist fighters to dialogue or at least uphold a ceasefire have failed.

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