Reports from the South West region of Cameroon say four young boys were killed in a gun rampage this morning in Lysoka Wombaki, a locality on the outskirts of Buea, near Muea.

Our source says they were “deliberately” shot at, by soldiers who arrived Muea unannounced this morning of September 23.

“They started shooting very early in the morning, when they got to Lysoka Wombaki, they pulled the four boys out of their homes, and shot them in front of a Baptist Church,” said a local, who was also worried about his safety.

The mother of two of the slain boys was also killed.

Our source further disclosed the identity of some of those killed:

-Mami Eposi Ngomba the mother

-Tate Ngomba

-Moses Ngomba also known as Papi.

Two other boys, whose names are not known. “They had just settled in Lysoka after fleeing from nearby Ekona,” Mimi Mefo Info has learned.

It is not clear what the soldiers’ motives are, but several young men suspected of backing the Ambazonian independence movement have been summarily killed under similar circumstances.

On Tuesday, four boys were killed in Bamenda North region, and two others in Tiko, making a total of ten in less than 24 hours.