While the Human Rights Community denounces the barbaric murder of a woman by Armed Separatist in Muyuka, the South West Region, on 14 August 2020, another shocking video surfaces online. This time, soldiers of the Cameroon Defense and Security Forces are seen maltreating a young man accused of being a separatist. The 3 minutes 16 seconds video depicts a contingent of soldiers humiliating the body of a young man, tortured and killed in the bush. The soldier’s film themselves pulling the corpse of a young man whom they say is a separatist fighter. Two soldiers hold the legs of the boy with the left leg broken, and his bone could be seen exposed, and they pull him on the ground from where he was tortured, and kill him in an open area in one street, area identified as Mitayen Roundabout, located in Pinyin, Santa Sub Division of the North West Region.

The soldiers could be heard saying in French; “He has just had his breakfast…you guys say you are Amba (referring to the victim) we will kill all of you.” As they pull him along, another soldier could be heard saying in Pidgin English, “Mbumbu ya – mbumbu for your mami” an expression which means, “Your mother’s vagina…mother fucker.” They are cursing the corpse of the boy, and another soldier shouted, shoot him on the head…so your gun is not loaded? Another soldier could be heard saying in French stop filming first, then, he pulls out his gun and fires a shot into the diseased head. They pull him a little further and dumb him at the main square in the village and the video ends.
CHRDA strongly condemns the conduct of soldiers against the population in the North West and South West Regions whether committed against the separatist fighters or against civilians. Torture, cruelty, inhuman, and degrading treatment is unacceptable in any civilized society and completely prohibited by international law. Total impunity has been made the new normal in the Anglophone regions and this institutionalized culture of impunity, unaccountability, and widespread and systematic human rights violations and abuses must stop.

It is rather unfortunate nothing has changed on the ground since the beginning of talks between separatist leaders jailed in Kondengui and the government authorities in Cameroon. The security situation has instead taken an upsurge in recent weeks and civilians continue to be targeted.
In an outing of the spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General, during the daily briefing on August 14, he lamented over the deteriorating human rights situation in Cameroon by stating that; they have seen recent reports of serious human rights violations and abuses in the country, and strongly condemns these atrocious acts of violence. He called on government authorities to swiftly conduct investigations into these crimes and bring the perpetrators to justice. He also called on non-state actors to respect international human rights and humanitarian law and refrain from attacks against the civilian population. He equally called on the warring parties to embrace the call of the Secretary-General for a global ceasefire as the world fights the Covid-19 pandemic.
In conclusion, he reiterated the readiness of the UN to work with all stakeholders towards a political solution to the crisis in the Anglophone regions of the country through meaningful dialogue.