Soldiers have stormed several neighborhoods in Bamenda, North West region of Cameroon, carrying out systematic checks in private homes.

The operations are still going on at the moment.

“They are present in most quarters now…Searching houses and so on,” says a resident at Bianche Quarter. In another neighborhood, a lady with an Identity Card near expiration was almost taken away until relation paid 5.000 ( about $8 US )

“We are all indoors, no way to go out because the military is everywhere around Mbengwi road, Nitop1” a source tells MMI.

“They entered my house and search everywhere and even search my phone” another local testifies.

Meantime, activities in the town are on a standstill, a resident tells Mimi Mefo Info.

 Deserted streets in Bamenda

“The streets of Bamenda remain very dry, no bike, taxi, even private cars cannot be seen on the street, shops are also close with almost everyone just at home.The military can be seen in their numbers on every street”.

Today’s arrests come after last week’s terror meted on the population of Bamenda by security forces last week.

Many have raised their dissatisfaction with a series of measures taken over the past few days. Authorities among other measures have prohibited the circulation of motorbikes in several parts of town after a police officer was shot dead by separatist fighters on a bike.