Fon Atanga Terence of Buchi, a village in Santa subdivision in Cameroon’s North West region has not been seen for over half a month today.

Locals say this comes after he fell out with separatist fighters and was kidnapped on the 8th of September.

A source says Fon Atanga “… is accused of dealing with the military and the administration…”

Our source however says there is another narrative to his abduction, linked to a chieftaincy dispute.

His arrest, the source narrates, “… came after a subchief was gazetted in Buchi village by the government. He is chief Muluhtekwi Derick of Nipanitizig/Tisagli village and someone else insists that it was supposed to be him.”

Separatist fighters, he adds, are alleged to have been sponsored by some elites of the area who were vying for the position to carry out the act.

“He (Fon Atanga) is the only Fon in Santa subdivision who has been in his palace since the beginning of crisis… He did nothing,” he explains further.

Several traditional rulers in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon have also faced the wrath of separatist fighters in their localities, with many having to relocate to other parts of the country for fear of their lives.