Hours into his presidency, Joe Biden’s administration is already setting its eyes on the 4-year-long armed conflict plaguing Cameroon’s minority English speaking regions.

Anthony Blinken, US Secretary of State nominee has said “… Attention would be paid to ongoing concerns in Uganda, Ethiopia, and Cameroon”.

The promise comes amidst increased violence as the Cameroon government and separatists have failed to reach a compromise.

The move expected to be one of Biden’s foreign actions also comes after a bipartisan resolution by the US Senate calling on the international community to do all within its powers to initiate dialogue, including economic sanctions.

On the heels of the call, British MP, Emily Thornberry multiplied calls for her government to see a human rights solution to the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon before engaging in trade deals.

With the recent attention and more pressure on its regime, it is hoped that concrete measures will soon be put in place to resolve the war that has left thousands dead and hundreds of thousands, if not millions, in dire need of humanitarian aid.