The struggle for supremacy between state authorities and separatist fighters in Kumbo, the chief town of Bui Division has seriously put to peril the freedom of movement into and out of the town for more than one week now.

The tussle is said to stem from conflicting views by both parties as to which commercial park should be used by vehicles to load to and from Bamenda.

While the SDO for Bui has passed an order for vehicles to load at the Njavnyuy motor park, the separatists have maintained that loading of vehicles will only be done at the Mbveh motor park.

These conflicting ideas have had ripple effects down to the denizens of the town as most of their activities have been grounded.
“It’s been more than a week with neither vehicles nor bikes moving in the town of Kumbo due to the altercation between the administration and the Amba boys,” complained a local of the town.

“Even patients who are sick can no longer go to the hospitals because of the baseless tussles. It is putting us here in a serious crisis. Our people no longer know what to do,” a bewildered denizen lamented.

The reason for this confusion according to our sources is simple. Both parties want to show the other who is in charge in the town of Kumbo, without looking at the repercussions on the indigenes of the town.

Other motor parks such as the Ta Mbveh motor park were deserted when the military was stationed in the area. The motor park at the St. Augustine’s Junction has been “destroyed and in ruins… there have been frequent gun battles there ever since the military was stationed at the Kumbo Water Tank close to the park,” he enunciated.

Revelations say that vehicles leaving Bamenda with destination Kumbo stop at Babessi wherein passengers hire alternative transport means like bikes to Jakiri and other parts nearby, then find their way into Kumbo.

Image: archives

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