Cameroon News Agency has been reliably informed by a security source in Kumba that the couple, owners of the Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy, Mr. Samon Gabriel Shu, and Mrs. Judith Ayanu Fombindia are still under Police custody since the day of the incident on October 24, 2020.

Asked why they are still holding them, the source narrates that he heard they are being questioned over alleged money given to Ambazonia fighters, hoisting of the flag, and singing of the national anthem.

At first, Police at the Central Police Station in Kumba said they were holding them for security reasons, but the situation is far from being simple protection. The man is said to have fallen ill and taken to the hospital; the security source added. This couple who just wanted to provide education for children are now victims on many fronts – attack of school, detention, and the trauma they are going through. Our source who begged not to be named; said they are barely sleeping on a mattress on the floor without a bed.

On Saturday, October 24, gunmen attacked the school killing seven students and injuring twelve others. President Paul Biya has decreed this Saturday as National Mourning Day for the victims.