A Lady in Bamenda has cried foul after men in police attire seized the sum of 100, 000 FCFA from her shopkeeper.

“My boy at the shop went with some money to make a deposit at the Bank when he met the police. They stopped him and asked for his ID Card. He presented it to them and so they asked to open the bag he was carrying, when they saw the money, 1 Million FCFA in total, they forcefully deducted 100, 000FCFA from the money and made away with it. Officers acting like thieves in daylight at Commercial Avenue in Bamenda,” she complained.

The complaints against police and military extortion of youths in the Anglophone regions have multiplied in recent times with many persons opening up on their plight.

Competent authorities have however kept a suspicious silence towards this tirade of complaints. They have turned to rather defend this military personnel when the heat on the atrocities gets hotter like was the case with the Mautu massacre.

Miki Mefo Info