At least some four persons including two suspected Amba boys are reported to have been shot dead along the motorway linking Mile 8 (Ngomgham) and Mile 7 (Ntankah) Tuesday in Bamenda, North West region.

Soldiers are said to have stormed the area Tuesday morning, firing gunshots for several hours.

“The military was still there till later this afternoon, it was a long day and we had to stay indoors,” said a source in the area.

Our source who opted to keep his identity secret said all those killed were not Ambazonian fighters. “

“…Those boys are no Amba. I personally know them…This area has never been attacked so that’s why am sure people were outside when there is a ghost town,” our source added.

This view is, however, contradicted by another source who said Amba camps are located around the area and have been terrorising the local population.

“They boys always do control there…one of them is called, Amber is popularly known as Boyka at Ngomgham…,” she added.

Government forces have not commented on the latest killings, but, Cameroon’s Army Chief of Staff, Major General René Claude Meka, in and outing earlier this month said the army will do all it can, to “restore order” in the troubled regions.

While MMI is unable to confirm which of the above position is true, one thing is certain, four young men have lost their lives in a conflict that seems unabating.