Friends and family members of Ghamuti Bertrand, a PhD student at the University of Bamenda are yet to come to terms with his demise.

48 hours ago, he was hale and hearty, little did they know he was living his last moments.

A family friend narrates that Bertrand was stabbed at Nkwen last night by unknown men, and later died at PMI Bamenda this evening.

“It is said that he left his friend’s place on Sunday evening at about 7 pm. Earlier the next day, friends came by and noticed he wasn’t around and didn’t sleep home either” the source explains.

After waiting till about 1 PM, his friends who had lost all patience filed a report at the police station.

“They decided to report the matter to the police and got information that he was already in the mutuary. The police said while on patrol, they saw his dead body lying somewhere around Nkwen Bamenda without any identification documents on him” he stated.

While the exact circumstances leading to the Ph.D. student’s death are yet to be ascertained, it adds to a number of unfortunate incidents recorded in the Anglophone educational community these past days including the killing of an economics teacher in the North West region.