Dear President Biya:
Since the writing of my first open letter to you on social concerns about the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon, it appears to me that things have changed drastically for the worse, and many voices have been silenced by death. That the iron fist of a regime of bloodshed, sham politics and elections have been the norm rather than the exception! It is even alleged that soldiers under your clock have taken matters into their own hands and have been steadily and shamelessly committing extrajudicial acts in the face of recording cameras and photographers.
Mr. President what are the guiding principle of truth and peace for Cameroon?
Mr. President my hands are heavy to put words in sentences to describe what victims and innocent eyes have seen in one year in Cameroon.

From a historical perspective, it took the United States a bloody civil war to end a very serious social wrong in 1864: Legalized slavery. Today, we are witnessing in Cameroon what other nations have seen, including Germany, Rwanda, Cambodia, Congo, and in other parts of the world.

What shall it take to end the onslaught of human life in Cameroon?
Mr. President many false prophets will come, and they may go their own way. But remember God will judge your nation because you have failed to keep the peace and harmony. You have turned a blind eye concerning the death and displacement of many locals in your nation, including those who are Clergy, and have withstood the temptation to support your regime.
Iron sharpens iron, Paul Biya, and, as a concerned US Citizen, I find it appalling that certain men in uniform from Northern Cameroon have been linked to killings, debilitation, and the perversion of the people of your land. The evidence of extrajudicial acts against humanity is mounting and in many cases, overwhelming, and yes, the cries of victims have reached beyond your borders.
Mr. President many west African nations are facing similar problems as those in Cameroon. Nigeria is an leading example. The Anglophone nation has been battling against religious extremists more recently, for a long time. Mr. President innocent civilians as young as 12 years old are being abducted to be made an example of by brutish forces, who use militant antics inconsistent with true religious values and beliefs . What advice can you give the leaders of Nigeria, or Ghana or Gambia on this matter?
Just think of families, friends and loyal constituents succumbing to an incurable illness or being in the same situation as those who were harmed. I wish neither evil, nor harm upon Cameroonians who hold the arm of political and military strength and influence, but, there is a word of wisdom I want you and your people to know President Biya: It is written in the Canonized scriptures for all the nations read, hear, and understand: ‘Woe unto those who call evil, good, and good evil.’ Isaiah 5:20.
I certainly hope that you take this letter to heart, Mr. President because my heart, mind, hands and feet have become even heavier as time draws closer to the end for many, many more innocent and broken lives.
Concerned US Citizen.