Cameroonians and especially victims of the Anglophone crisis in the North West region have decried recent government action regarding the humanitarian group, Doctors without Borders (DWB).

This comes after a release by North West governor, Lele L’Afrique suspending the body’s activities.

“The partnership between Doctors Without Borders, DWB/MSF, and Saint Maria Soledad Catholic Hospital Bamenda, as well as a similar partnership with other health facilities in the North West region, are with effect from the date of signature of this decision, suspended…,” a decision from the administrator read.

The suspension, it added, is “pending definition of the framework of activities for Doctors Without Borders by the Ministry of Public Health.”

DWB is should be noted has been and remains one of the most instrumental emergency healthcare providers since the Anglophone Crisis escalated into an armed conflict in 2017.

While the aim of the decision remains unknown, many are of the opinion that halting the partnership activities of the group will be detrimental to those in need of emergency care in the North West region.

Mimi Mefo Info