Some commercial bike riders in Ndop, North West region of Cameroon are nursing their wounds after being attacked by separatist fighters last week.

Reports say this happened after security forces coerced them to clean up schools ahead of school resumption.

A source said “… In the course of their return last week some bike riders were shot by the separatists fighters.”

“… They were so lucky to only sustain injuries instead of being killed in the shooting… ” he adds.

Despite the situation, security forces are said to have replicated the action today.

“The Military in Ndop has been arresting people, mostly bike riders to clear schools by force ” Mimi Mefo Info is told.

The source notes that “… This morning, children have been arrested and taken a government school in town alongside a teacher from that same school.”

Over the past weeks, the government has been employing different measures to ensure schools resume in the North West and South West regions. Despite the approval of some separatists, others have rejected the move.