The dust is yet to settle over the 1,000 absentee teachers listed by Cameroon’s secondary education ministry.

With a deadline set for them to justify their absences narrowing, many are said to be rushing back to their posts of command for fear of sanctions.

In Ndop, one of the areas with the most absentee teachers, the Divisional Officer has been accused of collecting bribes to spare absentee teachers from government sanctions.

A source in the town says “the DO for Ndop is collecting 50,000 frs from each teacher.”

With hundreds of government teachers expecting the D.O. to sign their documents, many say they have no choice but to pay.

They however term the act “… First class corruption that should not be acceptable,” and add that “D.O.s should not be paid any money to sign official documents other than fiscal stamps.”

The administrator is yet to make any remarks over the bribery allegation.