The group “Mothers of the Nation” has condemned recent killings in different parts of Cameroon, especially in the North West, South West, and Far North regions.

Speaking in a press conference in Douala Friday, August 21st, 2020, the women point accusing fingers at the government and separatists: “Government soldiers and separatists fighters have rendered life meaningless in the North West and South West regions. We mothers of a nation cannot accept this.”

According to Edith Kah Wallah, a member of “Mothers of Nation”, Cameroonians of all ages need to come to consciousness that rebuilding the country is in their hands and not the government.

“We are calling for nonviolent actions to press the regime to take measures and end the four years war that has rendered life miserable to many. ” She points out that ‘Mothers of Nation’ have programmed such activities in the weeks ahead that demand the attendance of all Cameroonians.

The women add that they are conscious of the effects of the war and note that further delays by the government as it has always done since 2016 can plunge Cameroon into total chaos.

As concerns, a recent decision from the minister of territorial administration restricting the sale of cutlasses and iron rods in the anglophone regions, Edith Kah Wallah; says “this is one of the most ridiculous orders in recent times.”

To her, the beheading of Comfort in Muyuka, Killing of Christopher Tanjoh, and Treasure Mbah in Bamenda and many others was not done just because cutlasses and iron rods were available.

“There are fundamental issues the government needs to address for the war to end not cosmetic measures taken by his collaborators perhaps for their personal interest.”

“Let government release leaders of the struggle and discuss with them to end the war”.

The politician does not see how such an order can be applied in the regions that depend on agriculture to live.

‘Mothers of nation’ end by saying the government has failed all this while and thus has to go for a transitional government to be put in place.

Mimi Mefo Info.