At least eight persons, including a woman and a child, have reportedly been shot dead in Mautu, a village near Buea in the Southwest region.

Sources have confirmed they were shot by the Cameroon military on Sunday afternoon after the soldiers combed the locality in search of Amba boys.

Among the victims killed are a woman and her grandson and reports say about five others were injured by military bullets.

In fresh video footage that emerged after the incident, several young persons could be seen lying down in cold blood most of them having deep wounds on the head.

Some of the Mautu inhabitants who had escaped into the bushes after spotting military vehicles said the attack was coordinated by Chief John Eko (Moja Moja) who also doubles as a soldier, although the allegation could not be independently confirmed.

“That is the work of that guy called Moja Moja. He is working with the military. He said those people are “Graffi” people so he killed them because they come from the Northwest,” a source said, preferring to remain anonymous.