After the death of dreaded Ambazonian General, Ayekeh, the Cameroon military carried out another raid in Lebialem this time setting free two groups of 11 and 20 captives from the Amba camps in two separate operations.

These captives who had been under Amba custody for weeks reveal that they were made to go through unthinkable torture by the separatist fighters because of a supposed mandatory contribution of 250,000 FCFA per village.
Cameroon-Info.Net reports that on one of such operations by the BIR, one of the other three Generals in Lebialem division “General Die Man” narrowly escaped death. It is said he sustained serious bullet wounds.

Meanwhile, the freed hostages brandished serious injuries on their bodies. They said the wounds were inflicted on them by the Ambazonian fighters with razor blades. They were kidnapped from Tali 1 and Tali 2 villages in Upper Banyang Subdivision, Manyu Divison, Southwest region, and taken to Bessali in the Wabane subdivision.

The ex-hostages say they were kidnapped by the separatist fighters when they refused to pay the mandatory fee placed upon every village in the area to help fund the acquisition of weapons.

In response to separatist threats, the youths of Tali 1 and Tali 2 villages captured and detained an Amba fighter called Mbula. The military was alerted of the capture of Mbula but before the soldiers could get there, Mbula had been freed by an Amba raid in the area.