23-year-old Ngwa Neba is in police custody in Kumba in the South West region of Cameroon.

He was caught Tuesday, December 1, 2020, at Fiango Quarter in Kumba II Subdivision.

According to a witness who recounts the incident to Mimi Mefo Info on phone, “Ngwa Neba alias Commander Zabra attempted robbing a man of 5000 FCFA in a local drinking spot in Fiango Quarter situated around the D.O. office. As he struggled with the man, a police officer identified as Atabong George, second-grade police superintendent intervened. Ngwa Neba instead struggled to seize his gun. It’s then that a military man who had been watching from the D.O.’s office joined the policeman to arrest the boy.”

Questioned at the D.O.’s office by the divisional officer of Kumba 2, Neba Ngwa allegedly confessed to DO Edwin Nkenya Ngwana that he is a separatist fighter.

Following the confession, commander Zabra says he belongs to a separatist group headed by one ‘General Sin Na Man’ with their camp situated behind Government Bilingual High School Kosala Kumba.

Taken to the office of the senior divisional officer of Meme division, Chamberlain Ntou’u Ndong concluded that the boy is one of those who attacked and killed seven schoolchildren at Mother Francisca International Memorial Academy Fiango Kumba on the 24th of October 2020.

“Commander Zabra is one of those who killed the seven children and wounded over thirteen others. You remember I said all the killers will be brought to the book. He and others failed to listen to the call of the president for them to drop their arms. Today he has been caught and will have to pay dearly,” the SDO said.

Since the Massacre in Kumba, the government says four killers of the kids have been neutralised while a manhunt to get others is still underway. The SDO of Meme says Ngwa Neba alias Commander Zabra will help the security service with vital information on how to get all of his colleagues.

Ngwa Neba confesses that he originates from Bafut in the North West region of Cameroon.

Mbatho Ntan.