The proprietress of Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy Fiango Kumba, Ayamu Judith and her husband Suh Gabriel has been charged with terrorism and other related offenses.

A source in Kumba has hinted that four other persons have equally been charged following the killing of seven forms one student at Mother Francisca International Academy on Saturday, October 24th, 2020.

Detained at Kumba central police station since the 24th of October, the proprietress, husband, and four others have been transferred to Buea central prison in the South West regional Capital.

Close to two months after the Kumba school massacre where seven kids were killed by unidentified gunmen, the proprietress of the institution and her partner are facing criminal charges.

Shortly after the massacre, authorities had said they and two other members of staff were being held in protective custody.

Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute is reported to have promised they would be released to attend the funeral of the massacre victims but failed to do so.

Sources close to the family of the proprietress say they have now been transferred to the regional capital, Buea, and charged.

The source indicates that “they were taken to the military court.”

“They are being charged with terrorism and murders … They were taken to the military Tribunal in Buea, charged on the same day, and sent to the Buea central prison” the source added.

No official statement has however been made on the said transfer and charges.

Moves made by administrative officials however continue to stir up controversy with its actions. The PTA president and social co-ordinator of the school were detained weeks back for denying to hand over computers donated to the school and we’re only released after paying 30,000fCFA each for bail.

Days back, the same authorities accused a suspected separatist fighter arrested in Kumba of being one of the perpetrators of the massacre, a move many have criticised.

The killers of the massacre remain at large and their aim unknown.