In a rare and unexpected address to Cameroon Renaissance Movement, MRC supporters, Prof. Maurice Kamto have defied heavy military presence in his residence to pass across a message of hope to Cameroonians.

One month into what lawyers and human rights activists have described as illegal house arrests, the leader of Cameroon Renaissance Movement political party has addressed militants of his political party.

Addressing militants and curious Cameroonians in front of his Santa Babara residence in Yaounde Thursday, October 22nd, 2020, Prof. Maurice Kamto stated “My fellow Cameroonians and militants of MRC party, Do not relent. The struggle for freedom and the respect of human rights continues despite all odds. Stay focus and follow instructions that will be given by leaders of the party on the way forward”.

As concerns the positioning of security forces around his compound since the 21st of September 2020, the MRC National Deputy Communication Secretary says prof. Maurice Kamto has faith in a team of lawyers defending him at the Yaounde court of the first instance.

To Tayong Elvis Fah “…Prof Kamto says national and international legal procedures will be followed as to why the regime of President Paul Biya has decided to position security men around his compound.”

Prior to the outing of Maurice Kamto in front of his house, the Yaounde administration deployed additional troops around his residence, presumably to frustrate a move by militants of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement party to see their leader.

The MRC communication team has equally hinted Mimi Mefo Info that Maurice Kamto questioned security men in his compound, asking why they are preventing militants from visiting him. To the security forces, they are mainly working from instructions from the government.

The government since Monday the 21st of September 2020, the eve of a nationwide protest called by leaders of Cameroon Renaissance Movement positioned security men at the residence of Maurice Kamto preventing him and all other members of his family from moving out.

The move that has been condemned by lawyers and human rights defenders in Cameroon and beyond as government remains mute.

Mbatho Ntan.