A military operation code-name “Bamenda Clean” enters the second week in the troubled city of Bamenda of the North West region.

It is one of the anglophone regions marked by the war of independence where separatist fighters battle with the regular military each day.

From 5:00 am to 1:00 pm on Tuesday, September 15, 2020, inhabitants of Meta quarters in Bamenda were caught in the web of unannounced military search as part of the operation.

A local speaking to Mimi Mefo Info on phone said “We are home as military men are parading from one house to the other. We cannot come out because I am waiting when they will come to check my house. They did not inform us. All what I was to do today is cancelled, the situation is really deplorable”.

According to an inhabitant of Nitop quarter in Bamenda(name withheld for security reasons), “When the military came to our house, they demanded receipts for all valuable items. I had some and some were missing. They then demanded that I pay the sum of 25.000fcfa. This is really sad given the brutal manner in asking and searching houses.”

“Besides this, anyone suspected of having links with the fighters is summarily arrested and taken for detention” he added.

At Ngomham quarter, inhabitants are decrying the fact that security agents on the mission of “Bamenda Clean” are sometimes demanding authorizations for cutlasses used in houses.

“Those who fail to show legal documents for their cutlasses were arrested and charged different fines to ensure their release” one said.

As people in Bamenda battle with the odds, the senior divisional officer of Mezam has equally prohibited undeclared meetings and public manifestations. Simon Emile Mooh stresses that defaulters will face the law.

In a statement at the weekend in Bamenda, the governor of the North West region says Bamenda Clean will be extended to other towns and villages in the region. Adolph Lele L’Afrique reiterates the importance of the North West region of Cameroon to the republic.

By Mbatho Ntan.