I Am Africa!

As the sun rises over the great lands of the African continent , let the people remember, that until the day the brave lion learns to read and write the hunter will always be the hero in the story.

As we celebrate Africa day, we must be reminded that Africa’s destiny lies in the hands of its 1.2 billion people and not in the capital cities of the powers of the west and east. Africans must rise up to the call of our times and emancipate themselves from the shackles of an inglorious past.

We must paint and project a picture of hope and fresh aspiration for the world fastest growing youthful population and the world’s 3rd largest market. We must tell the story of a land of a billion opportunities, waiting to be taken, nurtured and allowed to flourish.

No one can tell this story better than you the young people of Africa. I challenge you all to accept and assume responsibility for Africa’s future. Be the generation that fulfills the dreams of our founders – the dream of a united Africa, truly independent and prosperous.

It begins with embracing a simple and yet powerful idea – I Am Africa. I urge you to commit to be Africa, in your words and deeds. I urge you reach out to a brother or sister, a Friend or a foe, a neighbor or a stranger and challenge them too, to commit to this noble campaign. If we all stand together and walk as living examples of the Africa we want, we can accelerate change and create a new path for a dynamic and prosperous Africa.

Hopefully when the sun sets on the this Africa day let it be remembered that you stood for something bigger than yourself. You stood up to fulfill dreams of the great warriors that came before us, you stood for AFRICA! You are AFRICA.

Arrey Obenson
JCI Secretary General
I Am Africa!