Minute-by-Minute Update of Regional Election Day In NWSW Regions

✔Around 3: 28 AM Deafening gunshots in Bamenda and environs.

✔Early Morning around 5: 00 AM – Gunshots engulf Kumbo, around Shisong and environs.“Good morning CNA. the Catholic Christians in Shisong are currently being held hostage in the churchyard by amba boys for coming to church. I was shocked when an amba boy entered right into the church and warned us telling us that we are traitors. They are all over Shisong meanwhile voting is going on in Tobin. They have locked all the gates entering the church premises”

✔Around 9 AM: The loud sound of a blast in Akum mile 7 and shooting in Bagfon quarter, Santa subdivision.“The Priest in Akum Parish has been shot and a boy (Zoum) has also been shot in Nyangi quarter.” A resident tells CNA.

✔Voting Starts in Bamenda amid gunshots.

✔Around 10 AM: Reverend Father and Two boys shot in Akum, taken to hospital in Bamenda, one in critical condition.

✔ 11: 35: Amba fighter Julius Beneng falls in the dragnet of Soldiers in Babessi, northwest region. He was shot on Sunday morning.

✔1060 Councillors to cast votes in 18 polling stations across the northwest region.

✔ 12: 55 PM- The Fon of Nso, who was kidnapped some weeks ago by Separatist fighters, HRH Sehm Mbinglo, was spotted today in Kumbo as he voted in the election of House of Chiefs.

✔1: 21 PM -CPDM ruling party is running unopposed in the northwest region.

✔1: 22 PM- Elections Hold in Limbe, Buea under tight security. Gunshots were heard in Buea last night around Mile 14 and 15 while gunshots were fired in Muyuka on Friday. One vehicle was destroyed in Buea.

✔1: 31 – CNA saw pictures of bullets that penetrated into the Shisong hospital in Kumbo, destroying a drug trolly.

✔ 5: 05 PM- Just like the failure of Biafrans to gain independence in late 1960 against the Nigerian government, the Separatists will not succeed in their quest for independence- Fon of Nso tells reporters in Kumbo.

✔7: 23 – Votes are being counted in all polling stations with early results awaited. Since it is not a universal suffrage poll, results could be known as early as possible.

Councilor Elias Ambi Encho shot dead near Bamenda after voting in Mbengwi, Momo division. He was killed on his way back to Bamenda.

Territorial administration minister congratulates voters of the first regional election in Cameroon and boasts of government strategy saying no hitches were recorded.10.236 municipal councilors and 14.002 traditional rulers voted in 273 polling stations in all 58 divisions across the national territory. Minister Atanga Nji says of the 900 regional representatives elected, the two English speaking regions will have a House of Chiefs.