They keep dying, yet nothing significant is being done.

Today, Philemon Chia of Christ the King Comprehensive High School in Fundong Boyo Division, Northwestern region was caught in-between a flurry of raining bullets from separatist fighters and government forces at a place known as Fujua Road.

According to sources, Philemon met his end when he was reportedly driven from school because he had not paid fees. It was on the return home that he was caught in an ongoing shootout between Military and separatist forces.

Trying to steer clear of danger. He, unfortunately, received a bullet shot which will lead to his demise eventually.

The corpse of the Form 5 student has been kept at a mortuary with plans for an imminent funeral ceremony.
For now, there are only speculations as to how the young student’s life was prematurely ended as he set out in the quest for knowledge.

Some are of the opinion he might have been deliberately shot by one of the separatists or Military forces.
In recent times, attacks on civilians by hostile parties in these regions especially the military forces have been far outrageous. The most recent of these attacks is the massacre of civilians on Mautu by Military forces.

Elsewhere in Buea, the outcry has weighed in heavily on harassment by uniformed men on young persons. Many youths in the Southwest and Northwest regions are increasingly terrified at the sight of these uniformed men.

According to many, the state of affairs in the Anglophone regions have given these uniformed men an avenue where they extort, rob, and even kill some of them who dare resist them.