Guidi, a village in Kolofata in Cameroon’s Far North region has been victim of an attack by members of the Boko Haram terrorist sect.

Yesterday’s attack had two victims including a member of a vigilante group, and a 56-year-old lady.

“They arrived around midnight, around thirty jihadists. As soon as we felt their presence, we climbed the trees and put out our torches. It was dark and so difficult to spot us and using our arrows, we hit some of the Boko Haram members…” Narrates Boukar Dabi, a member of the vigilante group.

He adds that “… They succeeded in shooting one of our companions from the vigilante group but thank God he is not dead.”

The terrorists, he added, began looting; “… Goats, sheep, were all carried away and even the granaries of millet and corn were emptied. Several houses were broken into and various clothing items were taken away by the attackers.”

They would later on take off before day break.

Last night’s attack was the sixth recorded within the space of two weeks. Cameroon declared victory over the sect in 2018, but it’s increased incursions have left many worried.