An explosion in Douala has seriously injured two persons, cutting off the foot of one of the victims, local sources have confirmed.

Witnesses say the explosion came from a locally made bomb detonated around a bar in Rails, Bonaberi.

The incident occurred at about 11 pm on Wednesday, unexpectedly, as locals say it is a rare occurrence in the city of Douala.

This morning, Gendarmes from the Bonendalè Brigade barred passage through the area where the incident occurred, as investigations are ongoing.

The two victims of the incident were rushed, last night, to the Military Hospital in Bonanjo, Douala.

Explosions are rare in Douala, unlike Yaounde where a series of locally made bombs have exploded recently with the Damase, Emana, and Melen neighborhoods being the most affected.

Last night’s explosion came at a time when the Territorial Administration Minister was chairing the 2nd Biannual Conference of Regional Governors in Yaoundé.

Chairing the meeting, Minister Atanga Nji emphasised the tightening of security measures in the prelude to the December 6 Regional Elections and also the upcoming end of year celebrations.