The President of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) has been under house arrest since September 21, 2020.

Kamto was placed under indefinite house detention after he was accused by the regime of plotting an insurrection to overthrow the state through the national mass protests he called for on September 22.

Three months on and the opposition leader is still under detention. His party militants have now demanded that the justice system opens proceedings against the CRM president so that his fate would at least be known.

CRM national Communication officer Joseph Emmanuel Ateba in a Facebook post urged that charges and legal proceedings should be initiated against Maurice Kamto for all the crimes he is being accused of.

Joseph Emmanuel Ateba also labeled most of the charges levied on Maurice Kamto as baseless. He listed that Kamto has been accused of embezzling 14 Billion FCFA by a certain Moukoko Priso, Vandalizing and Destruction of Embassies by Ministers Atanga Nji Paul and René Emmanuel Sadi, as well as the accusation of homosexual practices by Prof Charlemagne Pascal Messanga Nyamding.

Emmanuel Ateba has challenged the justice system to begin legal procedures if they claim they are independent. The home of the CRM president keeps on being under watch for the time being as the government has stayed mute over how long he will be under detention or what he is officially being charged against.

CRM party members have agitated without much success to free Kamto. The latest which came over a week ago was a demonstration by some women who marched half-naked to his residence in protest in a bid to force his release. They were however brutally repressed by the forces of law and order on guard and some were even arrested.