Initially planned for March 2020 by the Coalition for Dialogue and negotiation, the conference was postponed to a later date as a result of the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic.

It has now been scheduled to take place on October 30, 2020, and will be held via videoconferencing.


In a press release by the Coalition for Dialogue and negotiations, the group highlighted the recent escalations in the armed conflicts in the two Anglophone regions as one of the main push factors for the acceleration of plans to hold the conference and hence, seek for possible solutions to the conflict that have raged on for four years now.

“Given the urgency of the situation and after due consultations in view of identifying a pathway for durable negotiation. All Stakeholders, we have rescheduled the international conference on the armed conflicts in the Southern Cameroons to October 30 to November 1, 2020. Due to travel restrictions, this conference will only be organized virtually… All Southern Cameroonians must come together to define a path to durable negotiations and an end to the armed conflicts,” the press release explains.

“The conference will have two main objectives on its agenda” revealed the Coalition for Dialogue.


“Engage all segments and professionals of Southern Cameroons origin to establish the majority view on the pathway to a permanent negotiated solution to the armed conflict and Develop a detailed framework for a robust post-conflict reconstruction,” said the group.

The coalition has equally put in place a credible authentication process to ensure the decisions and positions during this conference represent the views of the Southern Cameroonian attendees. The coalition to this then re-echoed their call for Cameroonians from all walks of life to make it a priority to attend the virtual conference and be active participants of the conflict resolution process.