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Cameroon:Tibor Nagy rubbishes plans by gov’t to reconstruct Anglophone regions

Cameroon:Tibor Nagy rubbishes plans by gov’t to reconstruct Anglophone regions 

The US Under Secretary in charge of African Affairs Tibor Nagy has cast doubts over plans by the government of Cameroon to reconstruct parts of the Anglophone regions destroyed by a long-drawn conflict between separatist and government forces that has entered into its fourth year.

Last month, the head of the committee charged to lead the reconstruction of the two regions was on the ground to sensitize the population on its mission through doubts continue to be raised over the feasibility of the project given that scenes of violence are still being recorded.

Addressing the US Congress on Thursday, July 31, Tibor Nagy added his voice to doubters, saying it is not feasible to reconstruct the regions when the war is still going on.

“The Cameroonian government is talking about the UN development program for the North Wst and South West. Unfortunately, there is just no way to implement that. The government seems to forget that the number one desire of the people of the North West and the South West Regions is to have a say in their own affairs.,” Tibor Nagy said.

“It is one thing to talk about development but at the heart of it is the key desire to have control over their own lives. Until the Cameroonian government understands that, all these plans are going to come but are not going to succeed,” he added.

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