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Cameroon:Akere Muna wants foreign intervention for dialogue to hold over Anglophone crisis

Cameroon:Akere Muna wants foreign intervention for dialogue to hold over Anglophone crisis 

Former Presidential candidate Barrister Akere Muna has said Cameroon needs a third party to mediate in the ongoing conflict in the North West and South West regions of the country.

Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute on a peace mission to the North West and South regions recently said the government is ready to dialogue on every issue excluding secession and separation.

Speaking on French Television Channel TV 5 Monde, Barrister Akere Muna said dialogue must take place to seek a solution to the crisis but must be done with the help of a third party because Cameroonians have lost faith in the government on place.

Excerpt of Akere Muna’s interview…

On the Anglophone Crisis…

The Anglophone crisis has been going on for three years now. The state has lost control. The solution to the Anglophone crisis is dialogue, we have to talk to each other. This is what the United Nations, the African Union and everyone is asking for.

There are more than 2 thousand dead, 600 thousand (internally)displaced, 50 thousand refugees in Nigeria, more than 2 million children who are not going to school. The situation is critical. To guarantee the safety of Cameroonians, Cameroonians must have confidence in the state. But where we are now, the state has lost the confidence of the population in the Northwest and Southwest regions. It is imperative to get a third party, who can bring Cameroonians together to dialogue.

On Maurice Kamto and his detained allies…

I have spoken to  Maurice Kamto. I spoke with his lawyers three days ago. He is in high spirits, he is someone who is very strong. I supported Mauriceat the (October 7) presidential election. But I think what is happening to him now is sad.

We can not in 2019, in a country that claims to be democratic, be thrown in prison and brought before the military courts, for organising a (peaceful) protest. Maurice Kamto was not on the streets. He was arrested in a private residence. We are really scared for our country. I demand the release of Maurice Kamto and all those who are detained for same reasons; Anglophone prisoners and CRM activists. I do not know what they are doing there. When I hear about dialogue, I think we should start by getting these people out.

On the form of the State and the elections….

I am convinced that peace will return through a federal system. To guarantee the security of the population, we must put an end to the culture of impunity. As long as we continue to maintain this impunity and to oppress protesters, nothing will improve. There are people who think they can do anything they want, which is not normal. We must remodel  our State. We must rethink the system. We need everyone to get together to reflect on the Anglophone problem and on what is blocking our country. Because Cameroon is down.

On the re-election of Mr.(Paul) Biya, I am realistic and pragmatic. I am a lawyer, Paul Biya has been sworn in, he is the President of the Republic (of Cameroon). But that does not mean that the country is working. The electoral hold-up is not an invention of the CRM. In 1992, we also witnessed it. We absolutely have to sit on the table and look at the system in place. It is said President Biya had 71%. But if you have 71% in an election, do you have to carry out several arrests?

On the « Now Movement » and the coalition with the CRM

The « NOW Movement » mobilises youths  to be active in political life. This is to let them know that in the end, power lies with the people and the must learn to take their destiny and that of the nation into their hands.

Thus, the Movement trains, informs, supervises and directs youths to the various  political choices of their choice. The alliance between “NOW” and the CRM is relevant for the next elections. The NOW Movement works with a dozen other political parties, including MANIDEM and AFD …

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