Women in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon have launched a “black Wednesday” protest to protest against the continuous violence in the two troubled regions.

Under the canopy of the South West, North West Women’s Taskforce (SNWOT), the women say they will be starting their protes on June 12.

The women said in a statement;

“In view of the continuous killings in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon;

In view of the seeming non response to the national and international calls for ceasefire and speedy dialogue;
The South West and North West Women’s Task Force wishes to inform national and international public that it will be launching a BLACK WEDNESDAY come June 12th.

The Task Force is calling on all women to come out in black with the orange scarf wherever and whatever they may be doing. 

This campaign, which will hereafter come up twice a month on the first and last Wednesday of the month, will go on for as long as blood is being shed and the guns have not been silenced. 

The Task Force calls on all women irrespective of tribe, religion or other belonging to join us. Now is the time for ACTION.