The Head of the United Nations Regional  Office for Central Africa Loucemy Fall has urged the government of Cameroon to pursue the dialogue it has initiated and accelerated the decentralisation process as a means to solve the crisis in Cameroon.

Presenting a situation report on the Central African sub region on Wednesday at the United Nations Security Council, Loucemy Fall noted the government’s will to dialogue following the Minister’s visit to the North West and South West regions.

« It is is important to stress that the search for solutions to the crisis has to be guided by the government(of Cameroon) ,» he said while urged Yaounde to accelerate the decentralisation process.

Francois Loucemy Fall underlined the humanitarian situation born out of the conflict and noted the government’s declaration last May 28  to cooperate with the Hunman Rights Council, member states and the United Nations and other bilateral partners.

Despite efforts to arrest the situation, the UN diplomat regretted the fact that at least  530.000 persons are internally displaced, and over 30.000 seeking refuge in Nigeria as a result of the crisis.

The affected populations are in nedd of urgent humanitarian assistance but supplying aid to persons in the two regions remain a serious issue due to the security situation, Mr. Fall lamented.