Going by the latest report published by Human Rights Watch, its office has documented at least 20 cases in which government forces killed people with disabilities as they struggled to flee attacks in Anglophone regions.

The report reveals that “a 27-year-old man with intellectual disabilities was shot dead at a gas station by gendarmes in Ndu, North-West region, on December 24, 2018. “He was walking, the gendarmes stopped him and started talking to him,” a witness said. “Since he was always laughing each time a person spoke to him, he started laughing at the gendarmes, and they got angry. They shot him and drove off.”

Another case reported is that of fleeing violence. According to Human Rights Watch, disabled persons, especially those with mobility and visual impairments find it difficult to flee from raids and are sometimes killed by stray bullets.

The report equally mentions that challenged persons are physically assaulted, harassed, and threatened during security operations searching for armed separatists. Some of them have seen their houses burned down in the process.