The Social Democratic Front has challenged the government of Cameroon to make public the results of the commission set up to investigate the Sonara fire incident.

The government of Cameroon recently announced a commission had been set up to investigate and deterine the rel cause of the fire that broke out at the National Oil Refinery on May 31 destroying parts of th production unit. The commission has 30 days to submit its report, the government said.

Reacting to this move by the government, the Social Democratic Front said the results of the commission must be made public to Cameroonians in the shortest time possible.

“(The SDF) urges that the report of the commission set to investigate the Sonara incident be made public in the shortest time possible as this government is fond of setting commissions of inquiry without results,” the SDF said in one of the resolutions arrived at during the National Executive Comittee meeting of the party in Yaounde.

Following this request from the SDF, the party’s Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi embarked on a visit to Sonaara to see the damage caused by the fire by was blocked by administrative authorities fro accessing the area.