In a recent ranking conducted by the Mo Ibrahim Index Report for the year 2019, Cameroon was ranked 37th out of 54 countries in Africa with some of the worse policies.

The Mo Ibrahim Index report is a tool that measures and monitors the performance of governance in all 54 African countries.

These measurements are carried out in four different categories: Security and the Rule of Law of a country, participation and human rights, sustainable economic opportunities, and human development.

According to the rating from the Mo Ibrahim Index report, experts say the decline in terms of security, human rights, and the rule of law has taken precedence over improvements in economic activities, and the continuous growth of the socio-political crisis in the Northwest and the Southwest regions.

The crises, they say, have been characterized by untold human rights abuses and several other war-related crimes.

According to the Mo Ibrahim Index report, the best-ranked country is Mauritania, followed by Cape Verde the Seychelles Islands, Tunisia, and Botswana.

In the CEMAC sub-region, Gabon is best ranked at the 24th position in Africa while Cameroon is ranked 3rd at the 37th position in the continent.