Calls have once more heightened for an end to police harassment and brutality in Cameroon and especially in the minority English-speaking regions.

Another social media user narrates the ordeal that led to a gendarme officer injuring him with a gun.

He narrates his story below 👇

“Yesterday on my way home around 07:30 PM I saw six gendarmes walking in our quarter behind Las Vegas street (Buea) and they called me.

I met them and they asked that I produce my ID card … and I gave them with no disrespect.

The next person asked me to give him my phone and I asked him with no disrespect to show me even a piece of paper that permits him to check my phone.

That was my question before they started brutalizing me. One of the gendarmes used his gun on my head just because I ask them to show me authorization to check my phone.

Unfortunately, this is what has been going on in Buea.


On December 4, it was a police gang led by commissioners of police that brutalized locals in Molyko and collected money.

on January 3, 2021, four police officers extorted money from a software engineer as well as many other girls. It is even rumored in some quarters that these officers go in search of money and valuables including sex.