Cameroon: over 500 arrested in anti government protests

Lawyers of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, MRC party say 589 people have been arrested as they hit the streets on September 22 to stage an anti-Biya protest.

Robert Amsterdam, head of the MRC’s law firm in the United States said on twitter today, that there are also “…reports of several deaths, injections of unknown substances, torture and degrading treatment, and other injuries”.

The firm had warned against any rights violations by the Cameroon government before the Tuesday’s protest, stating that state officials would be dragged before international courts. In a release this Wednesday, the MRC party said deaths were recorded with several others injured.

It’s not clear, how many people died during the anti-government demonstration.

Some MRC party leaders like Alain Fogue, Bibou Nissack are, however, among those arrested.

Mimi Mefo Info