A renowned Ambazonia fighter “General” Ayeke has been killed in a ‘bloody’ military operation around Besali in Wabane Sub Division, Lebialem Division in the South West region of Cameroon, security forces have confirmed.

According to reports, during the military operation, one soldier was killed and thirteen ‘hostages’ including three young girls aged 16, 18, and 24 and believed to be his sex slaves were freed.

Members of the Defence and Security Forces who led the military operation confirmed having seized modern weapons including ammunition.

After this ‘successful’ operation, Ambazonia General Ayeke’s body was flown to Kumba in a military helicopter.

Ayeke is from Mmockmbie in Alou, Lebialem Division in the South West region.

He is said to have sent out one of the first videos of the Ambazonia independence day celebration on October 1, 2020.