Nembu Stephane, M. Sc Political Science Student has written an open letter to Cameroon’s Prime Minister and other Anglophone elites.

His Excellency,
Dear elites,

We all know what our people are going through.

We are no longer debating on the existence of a marginalization, we are already in a war. The question is how to put an end to this.

The Anglophone Crisis came as a result of your poor representation.

You have preferred to have ceremonial positions, void of any power.

You have tittles but you lack authority.

It is sad to realize that in my country, a minister opposes the prime minister and nothing happens.

Dear elites it is time for you guys to keep your egos aside and fight for your people.

Standing by your people does not mean that you are accepting separation, nor are you negotiating the form of the state.

Our rights have been stolen.

The police brutality and exploitation in Buea is too much.

How can they take our phones and put images then call us scammers or Ambazonians?

Not all Anglophones are separatists.

We don’t have a connection. We don’t have money to pay lawyers. We as Cameroonians we need our rights back.

We don’t want people to question us in French.

Dear elites,
His Excellency the prime minister,

You all have that power.
We as anglophones are pleading for the creation of a body to hear our cries and sanction these police officers.

I received severe torture a month ago and the said police officer told me he can shoot me just as they shot four guys in Muea and nothing happened. So nothing will change.

How do you expect me to love a country in which my fate is in the hands of one person?

Dear Anglophone elites, you people can save your people.

You can

Yes you can
Yes you can
Yes you can

We need to walk freely. We need our rights.

The country is hard, we struggle to move, yet those who are already working, still exploit us and take our little savings. We can’t afford our monthly bills anymore.

Today we are writing begging.

Please hear our plea
Hear our plea
Hear our plea

We hope you will do something.

One day the youths of Buea will move to the streets and it will be chaos everywhere. Enough is enough.

Nembu Stephane has called on many to share the message till it gets to the authorities that be. He is an M.Sc political science student 1st-year the university of Buea.