The Cameroon Renaissance Movement has debunked rumours it is ready to enter into an alliance with the Social Democratic Front in the fight against the regime in place.

The second acting president of the party Tiriane Balbine recently said in a Facebook post that she welcomes the resolutions of the Social Demoratic Front following a meeting of the National Excutive Committee lat weekend hinting they could be ready to work with the SDF.

However, 48 hours she backtracked on the same Facebook acccount claiming the message was from her community manager, who has since been sacked, and does not reflect the position of the party.

“I am not the author of the Facebook post(claiming an imminent coalition with the SDF). The CRM does not take position on decisions of another nor meddle into their internal affairs,” Tiriaane Balbine said.

“I strongly condemn this move whose ultimate goal is surely to destabilise the CRM and the wwinning coalition around the Presiddent (Maurice Kamto),” she said while insisting the CRM has always favoured the coalition of opposition forces but will not allow itself be manipulated through such communiqués.