Mafor Judith Yah Sunday on Thursday, December 24 gathered queen mothers and other women in the North West Region to once again denounce and mourn the gruesome killing of their children by belligerents in the North West and South west regions.

In the presence of the Fon of Bawock, they prayed and lamented together while urging the belligerents to sue for peace so that our beloved regions regain peace which is a condition sinequanon for sustainable development.

With placards and peace plants the Mafors chanted songs of worship and praise to the Highest and implored His mercy on the two regions. The mourning culminated in a peace walk on the commercial avenue with placards bearing messages such as:
We need pens not bullets: “Stop the killings”,  “We are tired of mourning, we want peace”.

This is the second time in less than a month that Mafor Judith Yah Sunday is rallying her peers to undertake such action as she continues to play her own part to seek lasting peace in the troubled regions.