Date: 06.03.2019

The presiding judge in the affair against the ten separatist leaders standing trial at the Yaounde military tribunal has been transferred to Buea.

Colonel Mem Michel was transferred to Buea on Tuesday March 5 through a Presidential decree.

He will now have to drop the case against Julius Ayuk Tabe and the other nine separatist leaders which he has been handling since the start of the year.

He had replaced Colonel Abega epseEko Eko as presiding judge in the matter earlier this year and had presided over three hearings until now.

He was equally the prosecutor in the case against Maurice Kamto and other top brass of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement and was expected to issue a ruling later this month where the military tribunal is competent of not to judge the accused.

He was Vice President of the Yaounde Military tribunal and will now be replaced by lieutenant-colonel Jacques Boudoin Misse Njone, who until yesterday was serving at the Bamenda Military tribunal.

It is now left to be seen who will replace him in all the ongoing cases at the Yaounde military tribunal.